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VEI DM Series Monitors

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VEI’s new DM series monitors show how an assortment of seemingly minor developments can add up to what may well be a breakthrough product line. The visible bezel, for instance, is strictly cosmetic and easily removed, meaning that VEI can stock it in numerous colors, wood grains, and carbonfiber styles. That also means that the real bezel underneath is surface-fastened, making the monitor easier to install and maintain. Installers, and those who pay their wages, will also appreciate the remote input box that can support up to nine video sources, not to mention no less than three methods of programming descriptive names for those sources.

Then there’s VEI’s custom internal control circuitry and its easily understood soft-key interface, plus the hardened glass—"only diamonds can scratch"—protecting the actual LCDs. The DM series is available with four levels of backlighting in six installation styles. Fifteen- and 17-inch sizes, starting at $3,495, are available now, larger sizes coming. All are also networkable, meaning the individual display and source controls can be eliminated in favor of a VEI “SSIR” switching system, executed in the button style, a touch screen, or both.

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This article originally appeared in the November 2006 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.