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TR-1 Gladiator YTS Autopilot

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With its YTS model, Nautamatic is finally offering a conventional control head for its unconventional yet well-proven autopilot technology. In fact, the three buttons and dual-function knob (steering or course setting) are about as simple as it gets and a welcome contrast to its original ten-button wired remote. You still get the remote and its unique facilities for piloting through a wide variety of customizable maneuvers. You also still get Gladiator's ability to hold course at slow speeds (even in reverse), limit turns according to G force, and go in and out of standby simply in response to your wheel handling.

A kit, reportedly able to handle "yachts, trawlers, and sportfishers" (hence the YTS name) up to 100-plus feet, costs $4,850 and comes with everything except a rudder sensor. That's because TR-1s don't need one to steer, just to indicate rudder angle, and Nautamatic is hoping buyers will simply scavenge the old one from the pilot they're replacing. Also shown is an optional five-button wireless remote, which adds course save and resume, plus man overboard (MOB) or an alternate maneuver, to the original two-button remote's wireless steering controls.

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This article originally appeared in the January 2007 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.