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Sunny Days

In this enviro-conscious age, everybody’s aware that the sun is a great source of free, clean energy. Which is why there are scads of handy chargers out there, from small multi-purpose versions to laptop-friendly models, that let you power your personal electronics using only solar rays. Rather not fire up the genset? Then why not embrace the end of outlet dependency?


Booster Bag

Five hours in the sun and Global Satellite’s Generator bag’s got enough juice to run most laptops for 24 hours. ($499;


Winged Wonder

This travel-ready mini-charger is a hybrid, meaning it can accept power from both the sun and the wall and store it in a rechargeable internal battery. ($99.95;


Work While You Play

Reware’s solar tote might look like your average beach bag, but this hard worker revs up everything from PDAs to batteries. ($249;


Ray Roll

Talk about a boater’s best friend: Brunton’s SolarRoll is portable, waterproof, and—according to the company—particularly adept at charging satphones. ($295;

This article originally appeared in the July 2009 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.