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Standard Horizon CPN MFDs

Standard Horizon CPN MFDs


Blurring the tenuous line between navigation instruments and computers even further, Standard Horizon’s CPN1010i and 700i plotters move away from the company’s usual conservative styling and textured casings: They have rounded corners and edges and are finished in high-gloss “piano black.” They still have the conventional push-button and twiddle-knob controls that many experienced navigators prefer to use when underway, but there’s something very iPad-like about their overall look and feel—particularly once you start to explore the control functions that are available through their touchscreens.


New MFDs merge plotters and computers.

The days when a plotter was just a plotter are long gone: We expect to see radar, sonar, AIS, and video camera add-ons as a matter of course, and a built-in “base map” that is sufficiently detailed to actually navigate on is not the rarity that it once was. The new plotters have all these things. But they also boast built-in wi-fi and Bluetooth, have ethernet and USB sockets in the back, loudspeakers, and a software package that includes Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player.

So you can surf the Internet, stream music and video, watch movies from a USB drive, or send and receive e-mails using either the on-screen keypad or bluetooth keyboard.

Standard Horizon

This article originally appeared in the May 2011 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.