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Si-Tex Vector 3D

Si-Tex Vector 3D

Keep a clear heading with a GPS compass

Si-Tex has introduced a new, ultra-compact GPS compass called the Vector 3D that it says is the smallest on the market. Measuring just a bit over 16 inches in length, the new compass uses two patch antennas to pass satellite signals to a single receiver processor and uses the difference in phase between the signals received at the two antennas to calculate the boat’s heading. Less than a minute after switch-on, the Vector 3D is capable of delivering true heading data accurate to within 0.6 degrees. And as a byproduct of its heading calculation, its built-in satellite differential receiver also produces GPS position and time accurate to better than one meter, and rate of turn.

SI-TEX VECTOR 3D: Track heading and movement with a GPS compass.($2,499)

In addition to providing accurate heading data that’s immune to variation and deviation to autopilots, radars, plotters, and AIS, the “3D” function means that it can also deliver roll, pitch, and heave data that some high-performance sounders and sonars can use to smooth the seabed image in rough weather.

Recommended price of the Si-Tex Vector 3D is $2,499.

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This article originally appeared in the November 2011 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.