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Si-Tex T-900 Series

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Not all boaters, not even techy ones, enthusiastically embrace multifunction navigation electronics, let alone new-fangled solid-state radar. The conservative bullet points are, one, that several stand-alone devices will never leave a skipper completely functionless and two, that traditional magnetron-based marine radar is still being improved. However, stand-alone recreational radars of any sort have become rare, which is why the Si-Tex T-900 Series is particularly notable. The head unit has an 8.4-inch daylight viewable display, and scanner options range from a 2-kW 18-inch dome to a 4-kW 4.5-foot open-array, with package prices ranging from $3,599 to $5,799. The T-900 Series offers the latest in magnetron-era features like “Hyper-Digital Processing” (HDP)—which purportedly eliminates unwanted noises while enhancing small target detection—as well as commercial-level functions such as “True Trail.” The T-900 Series also permits simultaneous dual-range plotting, as shown in the photo, and display onboard cameras. Plus the series accepts optional upgrades for AIS and/or MARPA tracking.

SI-TEX (727) 576-5734.

This article originally appeared in the March 2009 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.