SI-TEX SAS-300 AIS Transceiver

SI-TEX SAS-300 AIS Transceiver

SI-TEX SAS-300 AIS Transceiver

The new SI-TEX Marine Electronics SAS-300 recreational AIS transceiver can track nearby shipping on a 6.5-inch screen to ensure a high degree of situational awareness for anyone at the helm. The navigator monitors AIS targets on a radar-like format of adjustable range rings superimposed on either an embedded base map or optional cartography from C-MAP on an SD card. The SAS-300 can track up to five vessels, and by displaying each course over time may predict those ships’ intentions. The user can also establish parameters for approach alarms and assign different colors to different types of vessels, making traffic analysis quicker and easier. At the heart of the SAS-300 is RMax, advanced technology for split-second AIS message processing.

This article originally appeared in the July 2012 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.