Sept 2010 Electronics Column Page 2


Simrad Sonic Hub


Collaborating with Fusion, makers of the increasingly popular range of marine audio systems, Navico has introduced the Sonic Hub, the latest add-on to its NSE systems. It’s an audio system that you can control from your navigation display, saving dashboard real-estate by doing away with the need for a separate head unit.

The heart of the Sonic Hub system is an underdash unit that contains a four-channel, 50-watt audio amp that allows you to hook up four speakers and a separate subwoofer. Sonic Hub also includes a radio tuner, Sirius satellite weather receiver and auxiliary inputs that can be connected to a CD or DVD player.

On the dash—or wherever you choose to put it—the docking unit includes a USB port as well as a dedicated iPod connector, so you can use any iPod, iPhone, memory stick or MP3 player as your music source.

The $399 system can be controlled by any Simrad NSE multifunction display (MFD) that’s linked to the underdash unit. With the MFD in “virtual head” mode, it behaves very much like the control head of a dedicated marine audio system—because that, of course, is exactly what it is! You can select tracks or playlists, adjust the treble/bass balance or individually control the audio volume in up to three separate zones—so you or your guests don’t have to be deafened in the saloon or cockpit just so that the helmsman on the flying bridge can hear the music.

Simrad (603) 324-2042.

This article originally appeared in the September 2010 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.