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SeaKey v2.0

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SeaKey v2.0 is major upgrade from the original, adding an LCD interface and two-way Orbcomm satellite communications. However, the goals remains the same: to connect boaters underway with a call center able to both handle emergencies and deliver concierge service, plus provide geo-fence security and simple monitoring of bilge level and main battery bank when you’re ashore. You can even send e-mails (though short and hard to key in), and SeaKey subscribers get a personal Web site where friends and family can follow your cruises. Stolen boats have been recovered using the same tracking technology, which is one reason why some insurers offer a SeaKey discount. The service costs $30 a month, and the $2,667 hardware package includes a GPS, battery backup, and SOS button. When comparing SeaKey v2.0 to the Marine Magellan package below, note SeaKey’s dedicated call center versus Magellan’s more extensive, and wireless, sensor network.

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This article originally appeared in the June 2007 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.