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Raymarine Quantum CHIRP Radar

Raymarine Quantum CHIRP Radar

Raymarine Quantum CHIRP Radar

Raymarine says its Quantum CHIRP radar is the first recreational marine radar dome that uses CHIRP pulse-compression to deliver radar imaging effectively at both long and short ranges.

Raymarine combined the multiple pulses of CHIRP compression with a proprietary ATX target separation system developed by FLIR (Raymarine’s parent company) to create images with improved target definition and resolution.

Its processing power eliminates clutter and interference from rain and sea conditions as well as other radars in the area, even in congested areas, according to the manufacturer.

The solid-state design weighs in at just 12 pounds—50 percent lighter than magnetron radars—and simplifies installation thanks to Wi-Fi networking, which means it only needs a power cable, though an ethernet cable can also be used.

Benefit Analysis: Solid-state radar is worth a closer look.

This article originally appeared in the March 2016 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.