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Raymarine LifeTag MOB System

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Unlike some safety gear, you'll never have to worry if LifeTag is going to work when you need it. That's because it's what might be called an "alarm-on-failure" system; the receiver triggers an alarm whenever one of the constantly transmitting pendants goes out of its 30-foot range (overboard!), if it breaks or loses battery power, or when a wearer pushes his or her emergency button. A basic system—two tags, receiver, and a loud buzzer—costs $685, and up to 14 more tags can be added. But LifeTag really shines when hooked via SeaTalk to existing Raymarine gear—then the alarm goes out system-wide, a man-overboard (MOB) waypoint go-to is automatically started on Raymarine plotters, and a second receiver can be rigged as needed on larger boats. Users are already figuring out alternate uses for LifeTag, like waking up the next watch from the helm, or minding a towed tender.

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This article originally appeared in the February 2007 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.