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Raymarine DSM 400

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Raymarine DSM 400

Raymarine's powerhouse DSM 400 black-box fishfinder weighs 27 pounds, contains four independent digital sonar transceivers, and can pump up to 3 kW of ping power on 28, 38, or 50 kHz and two on 185 or 200 kHz. All of which makes it particularly adept at handling some of the high-end Airmar transducer features discussed in the main story. For instance, a battlewagon could have both a 3/2-kW broadband R209 and a 1-kW 270W, both dual-frequency through-hulls, attached to the DSM 400, without switches, perhaps using the former at 185 kHz to get narrow-beam high-power bottom detail and the latter to get 25-degree-wide 50- or 200-kHz fish info, all simultaneously on one screen with extra-low-Q accuracy. The $2,795 DSM 400 can network to Raymarine's G Series or E Series (if upgraded to firmware version 4). And while the company won't speculate about future developments, the unit certainly seems to have the brains and brawn to eventually take advantage of even more high-end Airmar capabilities like custom frequencies and perhaps even "chirping." Watch out, big-game fish!

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This article originally appeared in the September 2008 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.