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Navionics SonarChart Live on Raymarine

Navionics SonarChart Live on Raymarine

Free for Lighthouse II users with Navionics Freshest Data subscription;;

● SonarChart Live is a Navionics feature add-on to a recent update of Raymarine’s Lighthouse II operating system that allows users to create bathymetric charts in real time.

● That bathymetric charts allow boaters, and particularly anglers, to survey specific sections of the seafloor to a detail level of 1-foot contours, which the users can then view instantly on their Raymarine display.

● Users can upload their data to Navionics automatically, and other Navionics users can then download the updated charts from the SonarCharts library through Plotter Sync with the daily chart update program.

● Compatible with Raymarine a, c, e, eS, and gS Series multifunction displays released after 2011, the SonarChart feature is sure to appeal to anglers and cruisers anchoring in farflung locations.

Benefit Analysis: Trust no one else to figure out your fishing hot spot—chart your own path to angling success.

This article originally appeared in the July 2016 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.