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Maretron SIM & RIM

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Maretron’s new Switch and Run Indicator modules—the $375 SIM100 and the $299 RIM100—are at the expanding frontier of NMEA 2000. Each plain black box can convert a variety of system sensor inputs into N2K messages available to any device on a boat’s backbone. A SIM, for instance, can monitor up to six D.C. switches, such as sensors for high water, CO2, LP, and motion. While all can be supplied by Maretron, most any switch can not only be watched but checked for proper wiring and power. Meanwhile a RIM can monitor the current flow of up to six D.C. or A.C. circuits, and thus let you know if, say, navigation lights have failed or a bilge pump is working overtime.


Maretron has also introduced temperature, battery, and A.C. power-monitoring modules. Since the N2K messages involved, like the boxes themselves, are all recent creations, only Maretron displays and software can take advantage of them for a while. But they’re not proprietary, so megayacht-like monitoring and control for medium-size yachts is on the horizon, with the ability to mix and match components at will.

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This article originally appeared in the March 2009 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.