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Managing the Waterway: Electronic Charts 2008

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Managing The Waterway: Electronic Charts 2008

It may be an Intracoastal Waterway guide publisher, but the name Managing the Waterway doesn't do this company justice. Neither does the product title Electronic Charts 2008, even though this two-DVD set contains every single digital chart—more than 3,000—currently put out by NOAA and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. The title is incomplete because the set further includes PDF versions of some 130 useful publications, like all the Coast Pilots and Light Lists as well the American Practical Navigator (Bowditch), the Navigation Rules (International & Inland), and the wonderful if little-seen Nautical Chart User's Manual. Also on the DVDs are trial versions of four charting programs, three PC and one Mac, plus the free yet competent SeaClear II (for Windows). The massive amount of material offered is well organized, even including notes on how to update the charts used by most popular programs, and none of it is copy protected, meaning you can access it on all your computers without any "code number" nonsense. Finally, at $40, Electronic Charts 2008 is less expensive than DVDs offering just a portion of its goodies. Highly recommended.

Managing the Waterway
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This article originally appeared in the April 2008 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.