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KVH has met the competition by rejiggering the original battle-beginning M3 into three models. Actually the M3st is the original—with a DirecTV receiver and IR/RF remote included—only a thousand dollars less costly at $3,995. Assuming the $4,995 position is the new M3dx, which lets you use your own HD receivers for DirecTV (plus $295 for a converter), Dish, or ExpressVu—or even Sky Mexico or European services with a component swap. And finally there's the new M2 (shown), which is the original all-in-one-box system except that some of the more expensive sensors have been downgraded such that tracking is only rated for at-anchor use, and its price is $2,995. Altogether, 14-inch TV domes have become a hot and healthy-for-consumers category, and it’s surely not over. In fact, King Controls reports that it will soon offer an "at anchor" system something like the M2, only cheaper.

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This article originally appeared in the August 2007 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.