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Krill Monitoring System

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The goal of Krill Systems is to make the elegant and informative monitoring we often see on megayachts possible on the boats most of us cruise in. The solution is a flexible system that employs two types of Sensor Pods—one for all things electrical (shown at right), the other for tanks and switches—and an efficient program called SoftDisplay (shown below). The latter can run on your boat’s computer and/or on a dedicated 8.4-inch waterproof display built by Krill. The data network is Ethernet, which means great speed and interesting possibilities, like wireless transmission (already built into the Krill display) and off-boat monitoring. A starter system—two Pods, all necessary sensors and cables, and the software—is $4,500. If you download the demo of SoftDisplay from Krill’s Web site, you’ll see how well de-tails like tank calibration and bilge alarming are designed, plus a valuable bonus feature: developer Casey Cox’s uniquehead’s -up display of incoming NMEA navigation data.


Krill Systems
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This article originally appeared in the November 2006 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.