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Krill Black Box

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Krill Black Box

For a while now Krill Systems has been building sophisticated sensor pods that collect all sorts of vessel info—tank levels, switching states, power parameters, etc.—for delivery via Ethernet to a yacht's PC and, if desired, onto Krill's private Web service and then to you wherever you roam. Now it's offering a "bulletproof" solid-state computer that's silent and power-efficient (only 55 watts) and thus optimized to run Krill's monitoring software 24/7. And it's meant to run only Krill's software, thus “dedicated” in somewhat the same fashion as Electra's systems (see "E.E. Owner"). Note that Krill's monitoring abilities keep expanding. Last spring it introduced petite temperature probes that can be clamped to alternators, exhaust piping, etc. and not only trigger alarms but help you pick up on potential failures before they happen. Krill is also incorporating NMEA 2000 engine and navigation support into the Black Box and is developing its display software to fully support the Rendezvous tender-tracking system covered here last month.

Krill Systems
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This article originally appeared in the November 2007 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.