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Icom MXA-5000

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Photo courtesy of Icom America

Is Icom a Johnny come lately for introducing the MXA-5000 AIS receiver just as Class B transceivers finally hit the market? I don't think so. Not every skipper is as keen to be seen via AIS as I am, and if said skipper does want to monitor Class A and B AIS targets, ICOM's offering looks easy to install and promises a good performance/cost ratio. For instance, the MXA-5000 has a built in antenna splitter, purportedly engineered for exceptionally low signal loss, plus it has a NMEA 0183 input so you can mix GPS info into its 0183 output. This $499 unit is also a true dual-channel receiver, meaning that it listens to both AIS channels simultaneously. There are several less expensive one-channel-at-a-time receivers out there, and they've worked okay in a Class A world where moving ships transmit data every few seconds. But when Class B proliferates, its dynamic data rate of every 30 seconds per channel will likely make one-channel-at-a-time receivers obsolete. By the way, Class B (and A) transponders are also true dual-channel receivers. I'll be testing Icom's receiver, which may be exceptionally sensitive, along all the other AIS related devices mentioned this month. Visit the blog for details.

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This article originally appeared in the January 2009 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.