GOST Xtreme Mini Dome Stainless Steel Camera

GOST Xtreme Mini Dome Stainless Steel Camera - Click to enlarge image

The internal camera is backed by a
3-year warranty, and the housing
is backed by a 15-year warranty.

$1,400; www.gostglobal.com

The Xtreme Mini Dome from Global Ocean Security Technologies is a tiny, domed camera in a polished stainless steel housing for use with an onboard security and surveillance system, such as GOST Watch.

This unit measures just 3¼ inches across its base and the dome is about 2 inches tall. The rugged housing is machined from a block of 316L stainless steel and is IP67 rated, which means it can be immersed in water for up to 30 minutes at depths ranging from 6 to 39 inches. It comes standard with the mirrored dome, but a clear dome is available too.

The ⅓-inch Sony Super HAD Color camera uses 12-volt DC power and offers high-resolution performance and low-light capabilities, shooting in 0.00019 Lux in full color. The camera uses “sens-up” technology, otherwise known as intensifiers or digital slow shutters, which manipulate “shutter speed” digitally to increase low-light performance. The camera comes standard with a 3.6 mm lens that provides a 90-degree field of view, and sits on a three-axis gimbal. An optional 2.45 mm wide-angle lens offers a 150-degree field of view.

This article originally appeared in the August 2012 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.