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GOST Nav-Tracker 3.0 SM

GOST Nav-Tracker 3.0 SM

GOST Nav-Tracker 3.0 SM3

Nav-Tracker 3.0 SM from GOST Global is the latest generation of the company’s proven marine-security system, using evolving technologies to protect owners from theft or unauthorized use of their boats.

Using a GPS system in conjunction with satellite communications, the system allows the user to set up a geofence to prevent the vessel from moving beyond a preset perimeter. The Nav-Tracker can update lat/lon, speed, and heading data at intervals ranging from two to 30 minutes.

The largest addition to version 3.0 is the Hard-Wired Interface Unit, a device that pulls together all parts of the modular system, allowing the user to integrate a variety of hard-wired sensors for security and monitoring. The addition of siren and strobe systems can catch the eye of security personnel and notify them that something is amiss.

GOST Nav-Tracker 3.0 is a marine-grade, water-resistant system that comes with a backup battery, an arming button, a door/hatch contact, a high-water sensor, antennas, cables, and more. The system can be operated and monitored remotelythrough the GOST Global Web site

Benefit Analysis: While you may wish you could be on the boat all the time, this system gives you the next best thing: peace of mind.

Installation: Professional Recommended
Time: 2 to 5 hours depending on system complexity

This article originally appeared in the April 2016 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.