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Garmin Thermal and Low-Light Cameras

GCT 30, $13,996;    GCT 20, $8,996;    GCL 20, $3,500

Garmin’s new line of thermal and low-light marine cameras boast some extraordinary features. Controlling them from a Garmin GPSMAP multifunction display is simple. The navigator can choose a stationary or moving target (including AIS vessels) and the camera will use its pan and tilt to stay on it. The GCT 20 and 30 thermal cameras go a step further, even in total darkness. They can be locked onto a moving “hot spot” on screen—the heat signature, for example, of a person in the water. The military term for this is “slew to cue,” but your term should be “Man overboard, keep an eye on him!”

Garmin Thermal and Low-Light Cameras

This article originally appeared in the July 2012 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.