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Garmin GMR 2524 xHD2 Radar

Garmin GMR 2524 xHD2 Radar

Garmin GMR 2524 xHD2 Radar

The 4-foot Garmin GMR 2524 xHD2 offer 25 kilowatts of transmit power, which translates to a 96-mile maximum range, and integrate with compatible Garmin GPSMap multifunction displays.

An included voltage converter allows the radar to work on 12-volt or 24-volt DC.

Pulse Expansion is an available feature that the manufacturer says prolongs the duration of the signal, increasing energy and enlarging the target appearance on the display. The feature will also be added to existing xHD2 and xHD dome radars through a free software upgrade.

Dynamic Auto Gain and Dynamic Sea Filter constantly adjust to optimize performance and reduce noise and clutter, according to Garmin.

An Auto Bird Gain feature lets anglers locate flocks of birds to find potential fishing spots.

This article originally appeared in the November 2015 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.