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Fusion Marine Stereo

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Fusion Marine Stereo MS IP500

Is there a man-machine interface as successful as the iPod’s? And don’t they make huge sense on a boat, letting you take your whole music collection—plus audiobooks, podcasts, and more—aboard in your pocket? But once there, it makes further sense to play the sound files through your boat stereo with the iPod tucked safely away. Well, behold how completely newcomer Fusion Electronics has embraced that strategy. Behind the hinged face of the $400 MS-IP500 is a waterproof iPod dock that fits most current models. The dock connects deep into the iPod’s hardware for a cleaner sound than you’ll get with an earphone patch cable and conveniently puts most of the iPod’s menuing system on the stereo’s own 3.2-inch transflective screen. Plus the system was designed from scratch for boats, which means big buttons for bouncy conditions and truly rugged construction. Fusion’s True Marine stereo even has sophisticated four-zone capabilities, and accessories include the $150 wired remote plus various speakers and auxiliary amps. If you insist on CDs, there’s another model with that ability, plus a separate iPod dock, and all units also have AM/FM tuners and are Sirius-ready. Fusion is going to make real noise in the marine world, I suspect.

Fusion Electronics
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This article originally appeared in the July 2008 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.