Furuno 4-Kilowatt DRS4DL UHD Radar

Furuno 4-Kilowatt DRS4DL UHD Radar

Furuno 4-Kilowatt DRS4DL UHD Radar
$1,800; wwwfurunousa.com

With a 4-kilowatt transceiver inside, the DRS4DL Radar from Furuno doubles the available power of the previous model in the same 19-inch radome.

Simpler installation is the result of a design that requires just a single, 49-foot cable (included) to connect the unit to the NavNet TZTouch or TZTouch2 network.

UHD stands for “Ultra High Definition,” which means the radar uses its real-time digital signal processing to produce clear targets with its 5.2-degree beamwidth signal, as well as automated tuning for gain and sea- and rain-clutter settings.

This article originally appeared in the December 2015 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.