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FloScan FloNet

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Ben Ellison

FloScan FloNet

Hats off to FloScan for developing FloNet, one of the most NMEA 2000-friendly products I've tested. Rather than trying to grab some of the precious space at your helm with a fuel-management display that could also handle its system's necessary configuration and calibration routines, FloScan built all that into the interface box itself. As I saw for myself (see "Know the Flow"), FloNet can feed standard flow data to any of the many MFDs and instruments that then can use it to display their own economy, range, and other fuel calculations. No doubt every helm-display manufacturer will get good at those calculations, but in case your chosen one hasn't yet, FloScan is also offering that little N2K gauge as an option. But clearly the company is focusing on what it does best, building accurate flow sensors for any size and type of diesel and gasoline engines. A FloNet NMEA 2000 interface for retrofitting some older FloScan sensors is $550, and complete systems start at $1,350.

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This article originally appeared in the October 2008 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.