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FLIR Ocean Scout 640

FLIR Ocean Scout 640 Handheld Thermal-Imaging Camera

FLIR Ocean Scout 640 Handheld Thermal-Imaging Camera

With a higher-resolution sensor than its predecessors, the FLIR Ocean Scout 640 makes it easier to identify targets, such as buoys, other vessels, and floating debris, in extreme low-light conditions.

The 640-by-480- resolution display lets the user get more out of that powerful microbolometer, resulting in extended range performance.

FLIR also says the Ocean Scout 640 can identify a human-sized target up to 600 yards away.

Benefit Analysis: Being on the water before dawn and after dusk—or on foggy days—means you’re using your boat to her fullest potential . But what good is it if you don’t enjoy it? Using thermal-imaging devices like this can ensure comfort for you and the crew in conditions that used to leave you tied to the dock.

This article originally appeared in the January 2016 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.