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DeLorme Handheld Charting

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DeLorme launched its first handheld unit less than two years ago, but has already followed up with two more. The most recent is the midrange Earthmate PN-30.

Like last year's range-topping PN40, the new model has a 32-channel GPS chipset for quick and reliable lock-on, and a dual-core processor to minimize the time it takes to redraw charts or aerial photographs on its 2.2-inch color display. It's waterproof and WAAS-enabled, and its 500MB internal memory is backed up by an SD card slot providing up to 32GB of additional memory on a high-capacity SD card-particularly useful for memory-hungry NOAA charts and aerial or satellite photographs. Useful extra functions include a sunrise/sunset calculator and tidal height information.

The only things missing from the PN30 that are available on the PN40 are an electronic compass, barometric altimeter, and an optional, but rather expensive, 7GB of extra memory.

The $491.00 package includes a set of 1:100,000 topographic land maps covering the whole of the USA, and access to a library of NOAA charts, while those who prefer Navionics charts or who want the lake detail provided by Navionics Hot Maps can simply plug in a Navionics SD card.

DELORME (800) 561-5105.

This article originally appeared in the November 2009 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.