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Charles Industries Intelligent Marine Chargers

Charles Industries Intelligent Marine Chargers - click to enlarge

Starting at $1,086.67;

Intelligent Marine Chargers (IMC) from Charles Industries are four-bank programmable chargers designed to manage onboard DC electrical systems. Chargers in the series each offer a universal AC input—including 120-, 208-, and 240-volt systems—and selectable 12- or 24-volt DC output per bank. The units also allow the user to select voltage and battery type, so a single charger can adapt to AGM, gel, lead acid, and NiCad batteries.

IMC series chargers meet Marine UL, 1236, ABS, and FCC certifications and carry a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

A high-temperature vacuum fluorescent display is controlled by a microprocessor to keep the user informed of battery status.

A soft-key control pad makes it easy to change settings, which can then be saved with a smart memory button.

This article originally appeared in the December 2012 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.