Argonaut Tflex-G615


Argonaut has broken a significant price barrier with the $995 waterproof and sunlight-viewable Tflex-G615 monitor. Its claim of an enormous 2,000-nit illumination equivalence may be exaggerated (the transflective technology used along with some standard backlighting is not really measurable), and in fact the G615 is not quite as bright as the same-size and -resolution ColorMax 15, but it seemed usable in all conditions. The unit also has limited dimming ability and only a single VGA input, and a waterproof VGA cable and 12-volt power supply both cost extra. On the other hand the 14.6”x 11.6”x1.4” aluminum case is trim and easily surface- or RAM-mounted. Plus it’s worth noting that Argonaut’s Tflex-G515—the same size but with a bonded LCD (both crisper and more durable) and many more features—is still competitive at more than twice the price.

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This article originally appeared in the March 2007 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.