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APPCAM25 Security Camera for Your Boat

Security Guard

Bolstering your boat’s safety doesn’t have to be expensive.

Onboard monitoring and security systems have seen monumental advances in recent years, with companies such as GOST offering everything from cameras to paralyzing acoustics, to, yes, Mr. Bond, smoke screens. Such impressive deterrents make sense for some yachts, but they may be too costly for more modest craft. For the more cost-conscious application, the easy-to-install APPCAM25 ($130) from Uniden may be a solution. Water- and weatherproof, this camera connects to your Wi-Fi router to provide a 24/7 display that can be streamed to a free app on your smartphone.

APPCAM25 from Uniden

Besides deterring the bad guys from messing with your boat or your electronics, the camera can also be set up to send you an alert or e-mail when its dual motion sensors are tripped. And this camera doesn’t clock out when darkness falls, thanks to a night-vision mode that boasts a range of 45 feet.

There are non-security benefits to the camera as well, such as providing the ability to check with your own eyes what the weather is doing down at the marina, or helping you avoid the occasional dockwalking chatterbox.

This article originally appeared in the June 2016 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.