Airmar Ultra-Wide 2-Kilowatt CHIRP Transducers

Airmar Ultra-Wide 2-Kilowatt CHIRP Transducers

Airmar Ultra-Wide 2-Kilowatt CHIRP Transducers

Starting at $4,987;

● Airmar recently introduced a line of ultra-wide-beam transducers for sportfishing applications using CHIRP technology. 

● A 40-degree beamwidth translates to 440 feet of coverage at 600-foot depths, a measurement that nearly triples that of transducers with normal beamwidth.

● Available in pocket-mount and through-hull installations, the transducers have been well received by boatbuilders, electronics installers, and anglers.

● Using a low-frequency range from 40 to 60 kilohertz and a medium-frequency range from 80 to 130 kilohertz, these transducers mark more fish targets throughout the water column than previous models, according to Airmar.

Benefit Analysis: CHIRP is proven technology for improving sounder performance, and a wider beam can increase the sweep size, allowing anglers to spot more fish throughout the water column.

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This article originally appeared in the August 2016 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.