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If you’re seeing this, ole’ Roscoe is coming at you from beyond the grave. The Gadabout has had his wings clipped. I’ve hung up my hat. Bah bye, American pie.


Let me tell ya, my mortal days have been a doozy. I’ve seen it all, boys. I’ve been everywhere. All from the yoke of my Piper Cherokee.

Thanks to the good folks at Liberty Mutual—yes, I’m obliged to say this even though I’ve been deader than a doornail for over three decades—I’ve tangoed with stripers in Buzzards Bay and did the Mexican hat dance with a greyhoundin’ marlin off Mazatlan.

It’s been a heckuva ride.

If I’d have known y’all would completely forget how to read and write cursive, I done would’ve printed my message out, loud and clear. I reckon I can just spell it out for you.

Thanks to my ole reliable Evinrude Fleetwin outboard I’ve been able to cruise along as smooth as butter. She fits the needs of ... ah shucks, to hell with this flimflam.

Look folks: I bagged a lotta fish and lived a lotta years. Heck—I dropped dead at 90!

This ole buzzard has learned a few things along the way. Lemme tell ya, you can’t catch no fish on the River Styx.

So get out there with loved ones, fire up those big outboards I’ve been hearin’ so much about and wet some lines.

And that’s the low-down from Gadabout Gaddis.

This article originally appeared in Outboard magazine.