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Since the time of the Arc, boatbuilders have boasted about volume. Ol’ Noah undoubtedly would have extolled the virtues of his ship’s interior space and livability if there had been a prospective second owner. And while it might not be able to hold two of every animal, the new flagship of the Viking fleet—the new 90—gets closer than most. This angle of a Viking employee in a Tyvek suit standing in the bowels of the hull offers just a taste of how much volume this ship will really have.

Shortly after Viking’s photographer and media specialist Kyle Juall snapped this shot of the mold looking like an Olympic pool, an eight-person team prepared to infuse the hull.


Watching a hull get infused will always make me think of Frankenstein’s monster. Before the infusion takes place, the mold, gelcoat and coring are mere materials. Add vacuum bagging and a mélange of tubing going this way and that, and then stand back and watch as resin seeps into the coring, bringing the hull to life in about an hour.

This fish-hunting monster is set to come to life at the Miami boat show in February 2023.

This article originally appeared in the October 2022 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.