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Target Acquired

How do you start to look for your next boat? Is it a lightning-bolt moment where you’re just blithely idling through the harbor back to your slip and you see a boat on a mooring that wasn’t there when you left? The light hits her just so and suddenly you can see nothing but the flaws and problems of your current boat.

Perhaps you heard about the boat, a boat you always liked but didn’t think would ever come up for sale, from a boat-crazy friend or a friend that’s a broker or you overheard something on the dock. Does your mind start working immediately on how you’re going to get the deal nailed?


Maybe you’re sitting in your office, taking a brief interlude between projects to recharge your batteries, when that Internet connection beckons and suddenly you’re scrolling through virtually hundreds of boats. What is it that catches your eye?

These questions may seem foolish if you haven’t really thought about them, but we think about them. As we embark on the search for another boat, or never stop looking for our next boat, or decide we need to sell our current boat, we know we should step up the hunt, but how do we go about it? And what role does the broker play? Have some insight or know someone that will? Please drop me a line at, or leave a comment here.