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The Prettiest Boats of All Time

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Majestic Triumphs

Ever think of a boat as a three-dimensional work of art that stands up to scrutiny from every angle? and then realize she is simultaneously a platform to enjoy the sea. A boat can move you, and look good doing it. The Editors of Power & Motoryacht share their list of the 25 prettiest boats.

The prettiest boats ever built

If you talk to yacht designers long enough and in the right environment, chances are the conversation will eventually turn to their favorite boats. Maybe it’s one of their designs that never made it into production. Or maybe it’s a classic penned long before there were focus groups and committees mobilized to tick off boxes that elevated suburban comfort over sweetly designed aesthetics. Most are likely designs that have rich stories behind their creation, stories about passionate individuals who took on the notorious nautical compromise and always decided in favor of just being, for a lack of better word, pretty.

Our editors, and many of you, took on the formidable task of compiling a list of the 25 prettiest boats in an effort to celebrate fine-looking craft. We started with the assumption that pretty is at its heart a subjective criterion that leaps across boundaries of size and boat type, and that it applies in three dimensions. But boats are not static sculpture, they need to run well and safely too, so design tweaks are a bit more involved than simply knocking another chip of marble from the bridge of a statue’s nose.

In short order we realized this is probably part one in a three-part series. There are many more pretty faces on the docks. We know also that debates will arise. Maybe we don’t have your pick on these pages, but what we do have will without a doubt illicit from just about any dockwalking passerby a smile and perhaps the comment: “Hey, beautiful boat.”

While doing our research, you’ll notice that we also asked some of the industry’s top designers how they define a pretty boat. And if you have a chance, please help us get ready for part two and give us a list of your prettiest boats in the comments below.

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This article originally appeared in the October 2015 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.