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15+ Ways to Share the Gift of Boating

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Pass It On!

Boating’s easier than ever before—pass it on.

By the Editors of Power & Motoryacht

Father and son driving a boat

The changes that have had an impact on the marine scene over the past decade are legion. And whether you zero in on joystick engine control, the latest in kid-friendly PFDs, night vision, the ascendancy of the AIS-enabled Personal Locator Beacon, or any number of other glories, the rapid pace of innovation has undeniably engendered a jim-dandy result—powerboating today is easier to do and enjoy than ever before.

There’s a sidebar to the story, though. Running neck-and-neck with all this cheeriness is an equally cheery, long-standing maritime tradition. Mostly because seafaring entails living atop (or sometimes beneath) a vast, beautiful, incredibly powerful, yet unpredictable element, boaters tend to help each other out with a special fervor, often enthusiastically passing on skills, knowledge, experiences, and even tools to their fellows.

The synergy here is a cool one. Since powerboating is so much easier these days, it’s arguably much easier to pass its joys and discoveries on to daughters, sons, friends, slipmates, and novices. So we’ve assembled some of powerboating’s most recent and felicitous developments and products here, as well as some stories that illustrate how nicely they all dovetail with one of the oldest traditions afloat. 


This article originally appeared in the December 2013 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.