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Seaton Yachts Expedition Eighty-Three

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To be sure, one of the most powerful allures of boating is the escapist dream. A good boat offers its owner the ability to get gone (in a hurry), far, far away from a banal and terrestrial existence. And when that urge to go to sea will not be sufficed by a casual ICW cruise or short hop to Catalina, there exists that curious juxtaposition of luxury and seafaring might, the expedition yacht. One new example of that distinctive style of boat is the Seaton Expedition Eighty-Three, which is being built by Seaton Yachts in coordination with the venerable Burger Boat Company, founded in 1863.

The Eighty-Three, which will launch in 2013, should be a true world girdler. Burger plans on giving her enough range to cross any ocean at an almost sprightly 10 knots. On the pins she’ll be able to eke out another 2 knots thanks to her twin 565-hp John Deere 6135 AFM75s. It’s no accident that the Eighty-Three will boast two of these rugged powerplants. Redundancy is one of Burger’s main focuses during the build phase, as this boat is meant to travel to the limits of the earth, and having two of everything could one day seem like a godsend should something go wrong say, 1,000 miles due north of Tavarua. The boat also will have bow and stern thrusters for maneuverability.

That maneuverability will be a big plus for her owner, since the boat is primarily designed to be owner operated. However if a crew is desired, she has self-contained quarters for them.

The main onboard living space will exist within the vessel’s trideck configuration, which Seaton promises will be finished with a luxurious touch, so cruisers can go as far away from home as they like, without leaving any of the comforts of home behind.

Far out at sea the Eighty-Three will surely benefit from her heavy-duty windows and watertight exterior doors, as well as automatic tank vent closures often seen on commercial oceangoing ships. Walkaround side decks and burly bulwarks provide extra protection against Mother Nature’s worst (or best, depending on how you look at things). Indeed, this boat pulls no punches. Her lines will be salty and her constitution will be strong. And she’ll always be ready to take you anywhere you can dream up, be it near, or far.

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  • Builder: Seaton Yachts
  • Model: Seaton Yachts Expedition Eighty-Three
  • Year: 2012
  • Base Price: Upon Request
  • LOA: 82'9"
  • Draft: 7'4"
  • Beam: 23'9"
  • Standard Power: 2/565-hp John Deere 6135 AFM75s
  • Cruise Speed: 11 Knots

This article originally appeared in the October 2012 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.