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Riviera 645 SUV

prm2-Riviera 645 SUV

It seems that most builders these days have reached into the auto lexicon when naming a new model. Back in 2012, when Riviera launched its SUV line, the acronym was far less common. The desire to bring single-level living to the Aussie brand was born. Since then, the line has grown to include five models ranging from 39 to 57 feet; today that line has grown by 10 feet to include a new flagship 645, which splashed in April.

Demand for Riv’s SUV models has skyrocketed over the last few years; as more and more SUV’s took to the sea, the greater the appetite became for larger models, thus is the way of things. When Riviera released renderings of their new flagship, they picked up orders almost immediately.

The 645 offers versatility in spades; owners can choose between a three- or four-stateroom layout, while also having the option for an additional stateroom, crew quarters or utility space. The first hull can sometimes be hard to sell, but that’s seldom the case with Riviera. Owners of the inaugural 645 haven’t just owned a Riviera or two before. It’s not their third, fourth or even fifth Riv. No, for Ray and Jenny Haddrell, this newest model is their seventh from the builder. I’ve owned jeans longer than this couple stays in a single model.

The more I learned about Ray Haddrell, the more this fact isn’t all that surprising; he’s a guy who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to take bold action. Legend has it that during a conversation with company CEO Wes Moxey, Haddrell told him, “I’m really happy with my 575 [SUV], but give me a call if you ever do an SUV version of the 64 SMY.”

Moxey was keen to call him on his words—and Haddrell backed them up with the flick of a pen. While his previous two models happened to be SUVs, he was not always sold on the concept, previously preferring flybridge yachts. “Once we get underway, people invariably gravitate to the salon or cockpit. In the SUV you’re on the same level and you can all talk,” Haddrell said in a statement. “That’s what it’s all about—and my wife Jenny prefers the SUV because she prefers all of our friends and family to be together.”

Riviera 645 SUV Utility Room

Riviera 645 SUV Utility Room

It sounds like they’ll have a lot of opportunity to do just that; the intrepid couple plans to use the 645 to cruise and explore the Kimberleys in Western Australia. If you suffer from wanderlust easily like me, I implore you to avoid doing a Google image search of this region. (What’s that? You just did? Yeah, me too.) With a rugged, otherworldly landscape, it seems like a bloody gorg spot to throw some shrimp on the barbie. Mr. and Mrs. Haddrell, if you’re reading this, please note: If you allow me to tag along, I promise to not insult you with my offensive Aussie impression.

Riviera 645 SUV Specifications:

LOA: 69’8”
Beam: 19’1”
Draft: 5’4”
Displ: 88,000 lbs.
Fuel: 1,717 gal.
Water: 198 gal.
Standard Power: 2/1,300-hp MAN V8s
Optional Power: 2/1,550-hp MAN V12s