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Many large megayachts are setting aside complete rooms (and sound-insulating them) to serve as theaters.

Cineplex Odeon never looked so good: Imagine watching Pirates of the Caribbean or even your own undersea odysseys in the comfort of your own stadium-seating-like chair. Yachts like the 408-foot Savarona and the 199-foot Mduse have entire rooms devoted to cinematic pleasures, complete with Surround Sound and a dozen or so seats to sink into.

But “small” megayachts need not feel left out. It’s common practice for large-screen TVs to rise up from cabinets, drop down from the overhead, and even be hidden behind paintings (which drop hydraulically at the touch of a button), transforming saloons onboard 100-footers into cinemas at sea. Interesting enough, yachts as large as the 182-foot Twizzle and the 200-foot Phoenix also employ this technique. In fact, Phoenix transforms the upper-deck saloon (truly the main saloon onboard) into a theater when the plasma TV rises from a mahogany sideboard. The lighting overhead, which ordinarily mimics daylight, dims to permit further enjoyment of flicks.

This article originally appeared in the October 2006 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.