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Yanmar X47 Express Cruiser

Yanmar announced the release of the X47 Express Cruiser, a sport boat inspired by automotive design. The new model is scheduled to debut later this year, and it will serve as the Official VIP Cruiser of the 36th America’s Cup.

“With its sleek hull and bold character lines, the X47 has the look of a powerboat, but inside you will discover that there is a lot of space like that of a well-designed cabin cruiser,” said designer Ken Okuyama. “We believe that we can deliver a true VIP cruising experience to the world’s greatest sailing event.”

Yanmar has been manufacturing diesel engines since 1912. The innovative features on the X47—including a large upper-deck and triple sterndrive configuration, both of which are uncommon on sport boats—are fitting with the Japanese company’s mission to be a world leader in marine engineering.

Yanmar X47 Express Cruiser designer Ken Okuyama

Yanmar X47 Express Cruiser designer Ken Okuyama

The X47 is a larger version of the X39 Express Cruiser, which made its debut at the beginning of the year. The 39-foot hull is powered by two 370-hp diesel engines that should propel the vessel at a top speed of 45 knots. “The X39 does not have an outboard motor configuration normally seen on speedboats, but rather a system where the motor is mounted at the back of the hull and connected directly to the external stern drive,” says Okuyama. The engines can be upgraded.

Okuyama, who previously designed Ferraris and other luxury vehicles as head of design for Paninfarina, incorporated many elements of automotive flare into both experimental hulls. “The [X Series]features a fusion between the hull and the deck components, which we executed by hand, to eliminate that parting line in between,” Okuyama says. “Therefore, we were able to incorporate a unique character line that flows through the radar arch.” The V-shape design of the monohull should improve stability in inclement weather, and the vessel’s low center of gravity and radar arch bear striking resemblance to a sports car.


The exterior automotive components are carried into the interior. The steering wheel design comes from the kode57, a super limited-edition (1 of 5) production car that Okuyama designed and analog gauges sit atop dual instrument screens. “The analog gauges provide the look of a classic sports car cabin,” Okuyama says. “They represent something romantic about the past.”

We can expect that the X47 will deliver innovation while appealing to a broader market. “[The X47] is likely destined for the U.S. and European markets,” Okuyama says. The new model will be marketed in Florida, the Bahamas, and locations along the Pacific, Atlantic, and the Mediterranean.