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Serious boat buyers and children alike were mesmerized by the toy shed built into the transom of Sunseeker’s Manhattan 68. We can’t blame them.

01-Manhattan 68 Bathing Platform - seabob box

What do you get the yachtsman who has everything? How about a yacht that can store it all.

The aft end of the Sunseeker 68 Manhattan has been attracting serious buyers and ogling onlookers throughout the Dusseldorf show where the boat debuted. In fact, I had to laugh when I crouched down to snap a photo of the grown-up toy chest when a kid, about 10 years old, crouched beside me to do the same thing. It appears the replacement for the 66 Manhattan appeals to boaters of all ages. (I’m still getting over the fact that he had a newer phone and more than double the Instagram followers as me. I digress.)

Sunseeker has been among the first builders to shift their design focus to a space that previously was reserved for coffin-sized crew quarters or storage. In fact, just two years ago Capt. Bill and I sat on a Sunseeker Sport Yacht’s fold-down transom seating and asked: Why hasn’t anyone else thought of this?

The transom toy chest on the 68 can be fully customized by the yard. Need space for more dive tanks and less fenders? Need more bins for assorted snorkeling gear and less space for lines? Your preferences will be taken into consideration. I especially like that the 68 has a fold-down seat in the toy shed where you can put your fins on without needing to balance on one foot karate-kid style. You can get squared away comfortably, lower the hydraulic platform and be on your way to an underwater adventure.

Another hidden transom trick is dedicated Seabob storage that can hold and charge two units at a time. After a summer spent “testing” a Seabob of our own, I’m not surprised to see Sunseeker double down on their partnership with the fun-focused company. The only downside to the Seabob I found was that it was surprisingly heavy and cumbersome to carry out of the water. Sunseeker solved that problem with a system that allows it to simply slide in and out of the dedicated locker with the raise and lowering of the swim platform. Again: Why didn’t anyone else think of that?

The last party trick from the transom is an overhead shower built into the underside of the hatch. Being able to rinse off seconds after surfacing from the sea? That’s a fresh touch.

When you finally get past the swim platform you’ll find yourself in a thoroughly updated model from stern to stem punctuated by larger windows and a mix of fabrics that are both luxurious and bathing suit friendly. Creative design was used to implement a private staircase amidships to the master stateroom. It’s a change that I think will be seriously popular among Sunseeker clients.

I’ve seen some not-ready-for-publication renderings of even more forward-thinking transom solutions coming out of Sunseeker in the next couple years, and I think it’s a smart investment. Innovation in these spaces makes it easier to enjoy being on—and in—the water with friends and family. And isn’t that what boating is all about?

Sunseeker 68 Manhattan

Sunseeker 68 Manhattan