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Monte Carlo Yachts Introduces New 70 at Trieste Bash

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We made a quick trip to Trieste over the weekend to join Monte Carlo Yachts in welcoming its new 70. The gleaming yacht was the belle of the ball, making a striking impression on the hard in the main piazza of this northeastern Italian city.

Photo by Jason Y Wood

Trieste has a signature wind, known as Bora, which made her presence felt throughout our visit, swirling the dresses and cutaway jackets of stilt performers waltzing through the festivities. The gusty, unrelenting Bora kissed the hull in a seeming blessing from the gods—after all, it would have seemed very un-Italian of the breeze to lay down and not attend the party. And the passion of the boatbuilder came through as delicious bites were passed, hearty laughter erupted from dinner tables, and the Prosecco flowed into the night.

The lavish evening capped a day of press events designed to bring the world up to speed on the goings-on at MCY’s state-of-the-art facility at Monfalcone, just outside of Trieste. The tour of the yard introduced the collected members of the international media to the advanced construction techniques MCY employs to create the 70. Fascinating to see in process, the interior is completely constructed on a jig independent of the hull, from welded-aluminum structural framing to wood joinery to air-conditioning ducts and wiring. This allows the craftsmen to work in a more ergonomic setting on the interior, and the same goes for those preparing the hull and the deck. When the interior is completed, it is lowered into the prepped hull and fixed in place. Then the deck is added on top. The vertical structural elements of the interior are anchored to the hull at the bottom and to the deck at the top, effectively making the structure of the boat one solid piece. Sorry, no photos were allowed to be taken. Keep an eye on Power & Motoryacht for more on the MCY 70 in an upcoming issue. Ciao!

Photo by Jason Wood