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At the tail end of a banner year, Maritimo announces plans to build the M75 Flybridge Motor Yacht.

soc_Maritimo M75 Flybridge Motory Yacht

Maritimo has been running at WOT this year with a record number of new launches and boats sold. At the Ft. Lauderdale show alone, the company sold 30-plus new boats. With demand being white-hot you may expect the builder to throttle back new model development to neutral for a time.

If you know the brand, and their world-class race boat program, you know that slowing down is never an option. The builder just announced their 7th new model this year, the largest model ever built in the M75 Flybridge Motor Yacht.


“We’re entering a momentous new era in our near 20-year history. The M75 is the essence of what our brand is,” says Designer Tom Barry-Cotter. “It’s a practical motoryacht that evolved from our customer input. It’s a long-range brand.”

Measuring an intimidating 75-feet 8-inches with a 19-foot 8-inch beam, this is simply a massive platform. But size alone is only part of the story. The open transom allows for versatile space that Maritimo is calling an Adventure Deck. Having a blank canvas to make this 129-square-foot space your own is a nice touch. I’m sure some will use it for enjoying a cocktail at sunset while others will use it as a launch pad for an armada of Seabobs. I fall squarely in both camps.


“[This space offers a] welcome boarding presence, giving you a comfortable and secure feeling as you board, but also the functional space for tender storage as well as a range of other entertaining and relaxing possibilities,” says Barry-Cotter. “Your imagination is the limit for what you can do in that space.”

Versatility is also the theme of the upper cockpit, which can come equipped with canvas enclosures allowing those aboard to enjoy this space regardless of the weather conditions.

The accommodations feature four impressively appointed staterooms. Each stateroom—as well as the three heads—seem to offer the kind of storage befitting the long-range ethos of the brand.

Standard power for the M75 will be 1,150-hp Scania Di16s with options for larger 1,380 or 1,625-hp MTUs.

This Australian giant is set to make its global debut in late 2022 and land in U.S. waters in early 2024.