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Lazzara LMY 64

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Lazzara LMY 64

If you’ve ever spent any time around New York City, then you know that in that part of the country, space is a valuable commodity. That’s why it makes sense that the owner of the new Lazzara LMY 64, which will call Port Jefferson, on New York’s Long Island, home, wanted so much of it on his boat.

The 64 is unusually voluminous for a boat of this size and type. The interior volume is due in part to her IPS drives, which freed up some room. Dick Lazzara, president of Lazzara Yachts, told me that space was a key factor in the 64’s design. “The choice of IPS power and the hullform’s design were chosen with [interior space] in mind. She’s a four-stateroom, galley-up configuration so from a volume standpoint we made the most of the boat.”

Even though the boat will be run by her owner, the 64 still has room enough not only for crew’s quarters (which Lazzara thinks will end up being a kids’ cabin), but also for an auxiliary machinery room. Says Lazzara, “All the machinery is in one place. It’s carpeted and everything is labeled. You can see every valve and pump in one location. So you go down there, you see this, you see that, and it’s easy for maintenance.”

The boat’s construction entails lots of carbon fiber, which helped keep her weight down to about 82,500 pounds wet. However the material did not make her price skyrocket, as it’s known to do. That’s because Lazzara has figured out some proprietary techniques used in its lamination process that helps keep costs down. Which is a good thing, because as I can tell you from experience, it’s a rare thing to find a break on pricing in New York.

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  • Builder: Lazzara
  • Model: Lazzara LMY 64
  • Boat Type: Cruiser
  • Year: 2013
  • Base Price: $2,975,000
  • LOA: 64'5"
  • Draft: 4'8"
  • Beam: 17'4"
  • Standard Power: 2/900-Mhp Volvo Penta IPS1200s

This article originally appeared in the November 2013 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.