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Huckins 44

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Exclusive: Huckins 44

Offshore fishermen know that the best boats for their needs combine power and seaworthiness. With innovative technology alongside vintage styling, the Sportfisherman 44 from Huckins Yacht is sure to please any offshore fishing enthusiast. With salty lines and a retro design, she manages to exhibit a classic appearance without looking like yesterday’s news. Huckins projects her to have a 34.5-mph cruise speed while maximizing fuel efficiency, thanks to her ‘Quadraconic’ hull (designed by the builder’s founder, Frank Pembroke Huckins) that is designed to deliver a smooth, dry ride even in rough seas. The design is the fusion of four conical shapes brought together to provide a comfortable ride without taking away anything from her speed.

The 44 will be 100-percent custom-built, and her owners will work directly with Huckins to build their yacht. Customization options include increased horsepower for speeds of more than 40 mph. Pod drives are also available and provide increased maneuverability and interior space.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Huckins is operated by Cindy Purcell, the founder’s granddaughter. It’s one of the oldest boatbuilders in the United States, having remained in the same family for 82 years. And that sense of history is on fine display in this throwback 44 that has the makings of a classic.

Huckins Yacht
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  • Builder: Huckins
  • Boat Type: Sportfisherman

This article originally appeared in the September 2011 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.