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Hinckley 35

With an anticipated launch of next summer (2021, Hinckley’s newest model blends performance and traditional style.

Hinckley-T34 With Outboards

Hinckley just announced that it will be adding a 35-foot, outboard-powered boat to its stable. Available with either 300-hp Mercs or Yamahas, the 35 is expected to reach speeds north of 40 knots.

According to Hinckley, Michael Peters Design has been tapped to “create an optimized hull shape with wider chines and strakes providing lift and stability for outboard-powered speeds up to 48 mph.”

Hinckley marrying outboard performance with its Down East aesthetics is nothing new; its Sport Boats–the 40C and 40X–have seen strong sales over the past couple of years. That’s not to say this newcomer doesn’t have a few tricks of its own up its sleeve. Having spent considerable time aboard those boats, I can attest that visibility from the helm is exceptional. The Southeast Harbor, Maine, builder looks to take that a step further with the 35 by incorporating a single-pane windshield that it’s calling ClearView.

“The 35 represents a new chapter in Hinckley’s extraordinary story,” says Scott Bryant, VP of Sales and Marketing. “Its design and construction deliver new levels of speed, safety and strength. Yet it still offers the timeless experience of style, comfort, and craftsmanship that a Hinckley owner deserves.”

Armed with only renderings, Hinckley says it has already sold three 35s to a combination of return and first-time customers.

The first outboard-powered Hinckley to fall outside of the Sport Boat line, the 35, while reminiscent of the picnic boat, falls into its own distinct category.

“Our Sport Boats are more of a sport-utility, wash-and-wear version. This is really a true Hinckley in—Hinckley dress,” explains Bryant. “We’re reserving the picnic boat moniker for our jet boats.”

When asked if this will be the first of many traditional Hinckleys to make the jump to outboard power, Bryant was noncommittal: “We’re known as a technology company; we’re always looking forward to the next thing. One word that best describes our brand is evolution. We watched the changing desires of our customer base when we started looking into this … but we weren’t going to just do something for the sake of doing something. We wouldn’t have built this boat if it wasn’t going to be beautiful. I think we achieved a beautiful outboard boat with this 35.”


Hinckley 35 Specifications:

LOA: 38’8”
Beam: 11’
Draft: 2’10”
Displ.: 13,174 lbs.
Fuel: 300 gal.
Water: 35 gal.
Standard Power: 2/300-hp Mercury Verados
Top Speed: 42 knots
Base Price: $825,000