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Greenline 33 Hybrid Yacht

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Greenline 33 hybrid yacht

Sometimes the best ideas come from the unlikeliest locales. Take the Greenline 33 for example, which is built in Slovenia of all places—a country that is very nearly landlocked. The versatile cruiser has been making some noise lately, but not the kind that’s made underway. The boat’s propulsion system is a diesel/electric hybrid coupled to a lithium battery bank and photovoltaic panels located on her roof. The setup helps keep the 33 quiet while cruising, and also uses considerably less fuel than a more standard system—hence the “Green” in her builder’s name. A low-drag, super-displacement hull further enhances this boat’s ability to slip from port to port while taking veritable sips from her fuel tanks. 

The 33’s classically nautical lines make her appealing to the eye, while large windows in both the saloon and the forward stateroom lend her an airy feeling throughout.

This vessel is that rare breed of powerboat that let’s you enjoy your environment without polluting it, so you can cruise virtually guilt-free wherever you like. And in this day and age of carbon footprints, melting polar icecaps, and endless smog, that’s an idea that’s more than welcome, no matter where in the world it came from.

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  • Builder: Greenline
  • Model: Greenline 33
  • Year: 2013
  • Base Price: $320,000
  • LOA: 33'4"
  • Draft: 2'4"
  • Beam: 11'5"
  • Standard Power: 1/150-hP Volkswagen/CMD 150-5 TDI coupled with 7-kW Iskra electric motor w/5-kW generator
  • Cruise speed: 11 knots
  • Top speed: 14 knots

This article originally appeared in the April 2013 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.