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Ferretti 750

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February 2014

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Ferretti 750

Ferretti Launches an Evolution

“The new Ferretti 750 is the evolution of one of the latest additions to the Ferretti Yachts range, the 720, and possesses the rare and precious characteristics of a wine which can be appreciated with greater intensity as time passes. It also gives insight into one of the reasons we have over a 90-percent client retention rate of owners who stay within the Ferretti family and trade up, in other words, extending to tremendous lengths their lifecycle of Ferretti ownership.

The new 750, launched in Cannes 2013, boasts features reserved for larger vessels, like glazing and noise insulation throughout, and a new multifunctional stern platform. All Ferretti Yachts proudly meet the design and construction requirements for ‘Ocean’—Design Category A—the most stringent of the CE directives for pleasure craft. This means unrestricted navigation in even the most demanding sea conditions, a claim that testifies that engineering integrity is actually anything but subjective.” — Leonardo Allasia, Global Brand Manager, Ferretti

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  • Builder: Ferretti
  • Model: Ferretti 750
  • Year: 2014

This article originally appeared in the February 2014 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.