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Ferretti 690

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When you lay your eyes on some boats you can immediately tell they were built for functionality. And when you lay your eyes on other boats you can tell they were built to a specific form. (Word to the wise, double-check how that pretty boat drives before you buy her.) But the mark of a truly well-thought-out design is when form and function are married so closely that a perfect synthesis arises. I thought of this concept recently when I saw the Ferretti 690. Truthfully I had to do a double take the first time I saw a picture of the 690. I knew that she was supposed to have a flying bridge, but at first I didn’t see it. Her exterior lines are so sleek that she looks more like an express cruiser. But she’s still got all that room.

Ferretti 690

The flying bridge stretches way aft, out over the cockpit and as such can play host to a plethora of guests. Behind the upper helm there is a C-shaped settee that extends to the stern end of the deck. It is served by a dining table that is ideal for feeding the hungry masses sure to congregate in this sun-drenched space. Speaking of sun, a fairly enormous sunpad extends forward of the helm in case anyone wants to go for a bake. 

The master cabin is another highlight of the 690. The luxurious space is located amidships. It is full beam and enjoys excellent air circulation and natural light provided by large portholes to either side. A large walk-in locker aft of the berth serves a twofold purpose. First, obviously, it offers tons of stowage, but secondly, and most cleverly, it provides some audial cushioning between the cabin and the engine room so the owner can sleep soundly even when underway.

And those engines? They ain’t no punks. Burly MAN V8s are available, and can propel this boat through the water at jaunty speeds approaching 32 knots with their 1,200 horses apiece—a powerful configuration that also has a 27-knot cruise. What’s more, the engine room is large enough for a second optional genset, always a plus on any cruise.

Yes, the Ferretti 690 is a big, fast boat with plenty of room to spare. Not that you’d ever know by looking at her.

Ferretti 690

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  • Builder: Ferretti
  • Model: Ferretti 690
  • Year: 2012
  • Base Price: Upon request
  • LOA: 69'2"
  • Draft: 5'7"
  • Beam: 18'2"
  • Standard Power: 2/1,102-mhp MTU 8V 2000 M84s
  • Cruise speed: 27 knots
  • Top speed: 31.5 knots

This article originally appeared in the October 2012 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.